Spiritual Abuse

Spiritual Abuse is the misuse of Scriptures to manipulate, control, or demand submission. Male authority may be misused to justify inappropriate behavior or deny another the right to attend church or engage in worship. Legalism (non biblical rules) demanding performance to attain a good status in the church is non biblical and gives a false sense of self-righteousness. Any minimizing the pain of the wounded as unspiritual, needing to pray more, read the Bible more rather than entering their pain can feel re-abusive. Ministries to the wounded need the protection of church leaders. Failure to believe reports of abuse in the church and not valuing a person's voice, regardless of age or gender, gives entrance to abuse.

Satanic Ritual Abuse includes abuse from families who have been involved in the occult (sometimes for generations), people who have been pulled in as children themselves and are programmed to be perpetrators, and people from secret lodges, often from the wealthy, educated segments of society. These abusers hide in churches, professions, lodges, and community service organizations. They derive their power to perform supernatural acts by calling Satan to manifest himself in the group rituals, meetings, and ceremonies. Their intent is to gain power through harming and killing the innocent. The most innocent would be an unborn baby. All that they do is a designed perversion of Christianity. The leaders are addicted to evil, engaging in progressively more evil activities. They misuse alcohol and drugs to dull their consciences and the pain of what their addiction demands that they do. Their consciences become seared. They serve Satan.