I expect and encourage you to obtain knowledge of the procedures, goals, and possible side-effects of counseling. I expect to make our professional contact one where you receive the maximum benefit. Counseling may be tremendously beneficial for some individuals while, at the same time, there are some risks. The risks may include the experience of intense and unwanted feelings, including: sadness, anger, fear, guilt, or anxiety. It is important to remember that these feelings may be natural. They are an important part of the counseling process. Other risks of counseling may include: recalling of feelings, experiences, and alterations of an individual's ability or desire to deal effectively and harmoniously with others in relationships.

In counseling, major life decisions are sometimes made, including: decisions involving separation within families, development of other types of relationships, changing employment settings, and changing lifestyles. These decisions are a legitimate outcome of the counseling experience as a result of an individual's calling into question many of their beliefs and values. As your therapist, I will be available to explore any of your assumptions, problems, or possible negative side effects of our work together.